Udon menu

After 22 o'clock, all menu will be increased by 100 yen

Kanazawa Hoso-udon [Original Thin Noodle]

Kanazawa Udon is characterizedby a soer and thicker noodle. While preserving old-fashioned avor, we continually work to developnew textureand taste. Kanazawa Hoso-udon is our specialty. This thinner and resilient udon noodle is made from only three ingredients; selecteddomestic wheat our, salt and water, being directlysentfrom a local udonfactorytoour restaurant. It surely goeswellwith any topping. Enjoy the sensation of udon going down your throat. Udon isbest to eat just aer being boiled. Savor its smooth texture while dressing with a unique and tasty topping.

These dishes may be sold out and not available.

Kanazawa-style soup stock curry Udon

Warm Kanazawa-style Udon

Cold Kanazawa-style Udon



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